Em Borjon is an illustrator. it illustrates. It's a thing it does.


i do art things. this is them.

Music, people, and nature inspire me.

You can usually find me in the quietest corners of the world daydreaming, reading, people watching, or, as of late, drawing my rats on pumpkins.
The world is a beautiful place but sometimes, with the rustle and bustle of a loud and fast-paced world, it’s hard to see that.
and so I draw.
I draw to capture the people around me because we all have stories to tell.
I draw to release the emotions that surround me because their rhythm gives me strength.
I draw for women, i draw for the spirits, i draw for the earth, and i draw to give volume to the dangers of silence.
I draw for myself.
And I draw for those who can’t draw because there are, honestly, few things that make me happier.


Em graduated from Northern Illinois University in December '14, where they studied Illustration.

Creative Quarterly 37 - "Red Walls"
Creative Quarterly 42 - "Forge"